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Jasmine Keane

About Us

The Artist

Brenda Morrison is a lampworker who has been creating groovy glass beads on a live flame for over twenty years.  Her adventures in glass began at a weekend class that turned into a hobby which turned into a passion and she has been obsessed ever since.  Brenda melts colored glass rods over a flame, wrapping the molten glass around treated steel mandrels, winding and using graphite tools & gravity.

Brenda & Jim travel all over the country showing their work at art shows and craft fairs.  At a show, jewelry isn't displayed in glass cases intentionally -- it is our belief that glass should be out in the open where people can touch & feel the beads.  Nothing makes Brenda happier than when a customer delights in both the visual & tactile experience of her work.  Hearing a spontaneous "this is so cool" as they move the glass beads in their hands is the ultimate compliment. We are pleased when someone chooses a handmade object over a mass produced item.  Choosing character and charm over mass production is ideal. 

Who is Jasmine Keane?
Jasmine was our chubby orange cat.  She had a huge attitude and Jim's last name! Everything in our collection has been created by Brenda Morrison and assisted by Jim Keane.  

Jasmine used to walk on work which was laid out, waiting to be finished. When we would see the carnage she left behind we began to refer to it as "taking an interest in the business".  Her last name was always funny and confusing.
*Fun Fact: she paid her vet bills with her own credit card!